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120 HRS



The continuity of the landscape and building a sense of it was of equal importance to us as we prioritise nature above man. But one truth of being human is also defined by nature. What we create here for the outside world and to build their perceptions is an illusionary screen: a screen which in itself creates the illusion that no intervention of man has ever been done in or around Pyramiden. But, quite contrary to it, is the very existence of the town which remains as it is but how we, as outsiders see it, differs.

The inner and outer, both grow independently. By isolating it's existence, a self-sustaining practice of life of enlightened monks comes into place and the very space will be preserved by creating a sense of belonging to the built and the unbuilt without sharing it with the unknowns.

The tectonics of the space have died as of now, memory sustains in bits and parts. What remains is the process needed. to evolve it, just like nature passes on DNA from one generation to another and evolves itself. We imagine Pyramiden also to do the same with it's DNA embedded in the character of the spaces it has, and which will indeed be passed on in the process of evolution.



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