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Our design studio’s intentions and interests lie in creating meaningful spatial experiences keeping in mind contextual appropriateness while aiding the client’s needs. We indulge in working from urban scale architecture to the minutest detail of designing furniture and everything in between.


With a passion to innovate and excel in the field of design, we seek to break the boundaries and keep challenging ourselves. Every project is an opportunity for us to dissect the human way of living, the microclimate of a place and then articulate that into a space where the movement paths, climatic response, use of spaces and form of the structure all come together to create an enriched habitable environment. 

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Ar. Netra Bafna Majithiya

Architect |Co-founder

She is a graduate of CEPT university with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture. She is an obsessively organised, artistic and produces her best work under pressure . She loves sketching with charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, watercolors. For her travelling and seeing new places is synonymous with sketching every bit of it.  Having studied at ETH university based in Zurich, she learnt how to develop an idea and create complex yet efficient spaces


Further on, she has been awarded the Distinguished Student Award at CEPT University, the International Designing Resilence in Asia award '18 at National University of Singapore, the Kohler Scholarship for her academic work and a runner up for the Kshitij Jain memorial award

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Ar. Hitarth Majithiya

Architect |Co-founder

He is a graduate of CEPT university with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture. He is the quiet one, with a keen sense of detailing and the one who is trying to make all the crazy ideas come true. Travelling and mountaineering are his true passions. His sketchbook is filled with tiny detailed sketches and is a beauty to look at.

A profound impact of staying in bangalore has led him to extensively travel south India. Further study at Politecnico di Milano in Italy, he learnt how to think at a bigger scale, fend for himself and travel with no abandon. He has travelled extensively to over 11 countries with a keen eye looking at the architecture of the world.


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