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The open terrace is used partly to make a studio apartment equipped with a living-dining - sleeping space, pantry, and bathroom. The rest of the terrace is used for growing plants and to make spaces for leisure. 

The studio apartment is made using an off-center sloping roof with the shorter slope facing north for skylight and the longer side facing south for solar panels. The eastern part opens to the terrace with folding glass panels along the facade and pergolas to break the direct sunlight. The west facade is a solid brick wall to prevent direct heating of the apartment. 

The plan of the apartment is a fairly simple open plan with the entry juxtaposed with the pantry, small dining space under the mezzanine floor with the bed accessible from a compact staircase, and living space with the sofa to lounge on. The mezzanine floor is placed keeping the off-center slope in mind and the mezzanine opens out to the terrace through a balcony. 

The structure consists of metal members, glass, and wood and thus it is super light and they are apt materials for creating an extension.

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