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This house has been designed for a non-residing Indian family who would visit the house once a year for their holidays. 

The house consists of three bays: the first one is the entrance and the formal seating that is majorly used as a space for guests. The second bay consists of kitchen, dining, family seating and the bar area which is connected as parts of non-structural walls in this double-bay were removed to improve the visual and physical connect and give it an open, light, and relaxing feel. The third bay consists of two rooms - one for the kids, one for the parents. This is a private bay and located at the far end. 

The dining table, the TV console, the bar table, and all such platforms and counters have been designed as cantilevered concrete tops with terrazzo finish and the counterbalance that holds it together is mild steel rods that are supported from the ceiling or from the floor. This paradox of seemingly different materials supporting the whole cantilever is a language that we wanted to create throughout the house. 

Each room and each space has its own story, its own material and color palette. Different colors, textures, and finishing materials have been experimented within this house.

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