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A step-well is an established water-structure in warm climates. Traditionally, they were made up of locally available stones for retaining the earth. In this proposal, the earth which is excavated
for the construction is used as stabilized earth blocks to create retaining and load-bearing walls wherever necessary.


The spanning of spaces also consists of similar material and a composite with stone wherever necessary. Apart from the low embodied energy of the structure, rains were one of the most important factors in the shaping of the well. The water from the entire footprint is funneled into the well, and thus recharging the groundwater directly. Also, the lowermost portion of the well is designed for flooding as the groundwater table increases with rainfall and reduces in other seasons.


This well thus defines its appropriateness by being driven by culture and being sustainable for a place with a lack of materials and low technology. Moreover, it responds to the sacredness of architecture while helping communities to overcome difficulties in their daily life.

Project team : Hitarth Majithiya, Caleb Ferro, Naomy Parikh

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