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The existing bungalow turned clinic is an old house which consists of thick load-bearing walls and a heavy facade with small openings. The existing exterior of the building is composed of the compound/boundary wall and the front facade of the building so these two are rethought in a way that they come together to make the facade look as one as opposed to two distinct parts. The facade has slit-like openings or small openings to keep the inner functioning of the clinic private except for the waiting area that overlooks the main road and visually connects the building to the outside.


The interior spaces consist of waiting spaces, the out-patient department spaces, the surgery, and procedure rooms. Run by a brother-sister duo, the interiors are kept minimal, easy to maintain, and with a recurring theme of orange based on their vibrant logo.


The furniture of the Outpatient department has been developed specifically to use the space optimally and create a unique relation between the doctor and patients. The surgery space and procedure space - the key spaces where the actual work is carried out is kept clutter-free and filled with light to keep patients at ease.

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