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An outhouse to practice yoga 


The client wanted to have a Yoga studio in the backyard of their own house. The site was along the main compound wall and it overlooked the swimming pool. The client also wished to have a garden on the roof of the yoga studio. 

Being a relatively small structure that would essentially be a pavilion, creating the form of the structure was the most exciting aspect of it. The slab was designed in a way that it matched the heights with the existing bungalow. The roof has inverted beams and the slab curves on the edges. The slab has been punctured for existing trees to grow.


The Yoga studio consists of the main open space for Yoga, a changing room, and a bathroom towards the compound wall. The openings of the Yoga studio are designed in a way such that it is filled with natural light. With mixed windows near the ceiling, louvered and fixed windows on the sides, and full-size openings overlooking the swimming pool, the studio always feels welcoming.

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